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"Local Performers Display Unusual Take On Circus"

Channel 10 News, San Diego, July 2007

"With a synergistic blend of highbrow and lowbrow entertainment, Technomania Circus allows both street performers with death-defying circus skills and highly trained actors, writers, dancers, puppeteers and musicians to cut loose and explore new media in an environment that is anything but safe--and always interesting. It is circus on the edge--the bleeding edge of taste, skill and wonder."

Alien Girl 34 says:
"Why take their word for it? Come on down and see for yourself!"

San Diego Union Tribune. May 2007

"The Center for Amusing Arts marks the spot where, one Saturday a month, the Bohemian underground breaks the icy surface of polished capitalism. And it brings laughter, horror, the bizarre and the unexpected to an increasingly antiseptic, gentrified downtown"

San Diego Magazine. December 2006

Describing our performance at Street Scene: "Technomania Circus insured guaranteed entertainment with sword swallowing, fire-breathing, balancing acts - all with a twist - this went on for five consecutive hours over two days"

San Diego Union Tribune. August 6, 2006

"clapping and yelling with wild abandon, crowd members . . .should be ready to be dragged onstage"

"Strange and Downright Unbelievable. It's simply Mad ! Mad !!"

San Diego City Beat. November 30, 2005

"Eye popping blacklight theatrics"

City Fanfare. 2005

"Absolutely the most original show you'll ever see!"

Technomania Times. 2004

"a madhouse of the highest order"

East Bay Express. 2003

"Vaudevillian Delights & a Blacklight Extravaganza !"

San Francisco Chronicle. 2002

"Magical & Spectacular !"

San Diego Union Tribune. 2001

"a fabulous array of talent, demented, frantic & bizarre"

Expresso. 2001

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